Founded in 2021, the Association des Relations Culturelles is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting cultural relations within and beyond the borders of France.

The main objective of ARC is to promote intercultural dialogue, cooperation between intra-cultural entities, aimed at promoting the recognition and protection of cultural diversity as well as the preservation of tangible and intangible heritage, the promotion of cultural values in all its forms.

The main objectives of the association are: to organise and participate in international projects, training courses and events on various subjects in order to take advantage of the valuable formal and non-formal education opportunities available to young people in France and abroad.

The organization focuses primarily on youth participation, intercultural understanding, active citizenship, entrepreneurship, peace-building, but also on art and culture.

The association is the member of the international network of institutions based in Hungary, focused on cultural and international relations.

In order to achieve its objectives, the association carries out the following activities:

  • Organizes international conferences, meetings, seminars, training courses, internships and summer seminars in accordance with the objectives, highlighting scientific activities and research;
  • Provides information services (education, promoting equal societal opportunities for disadvantaged groups, in connection with the activities mentioned above.)
  • Organises and supports services and programs facilitating the improvement of intercultural and intra-cultural exchanges (development and maintenance of international relations and exchange programs as well as the promotion of better relations between the various communities living in the same country);
  • As a politically independent association, it also holds permanent and specific forums which allow diplomats, political actors, executives, future leaders and young intellectuals to meet in order to exchange their ideas.